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Our people powered campaign needs your support to send Ricardo to La Puente City Council. To join our community movement please sign up. You can donate, volunteer, host a meet and greet, host a fundraiser, and more!


Ricardo takes $0 from corporations and Super PACs. The only money we take is directly from the people.  Any donation amount helps us!


Money may talk, but people powered movements have the last word. Your time, energy, and knowledge as a volunteer is invaluable to us. Together, our people powered campaign can make it to La Puente City Council on November 8, 2022. Please sign up below to volunteer!

Host a Meet & Greet

Are you interested in hosting a meet and greet with Ricardo? Please sign up below and let us know how we can share our movement.


Are you interested in hosting a fundraiser to support Ricardo? Your fundraiser could be critical to expand our movement in La Puente. Please sign up below to let us know if you can host a fundraiser.


Ultimately, it comes down to our community voting. If you are able to vote, please register to vote and support our people powered movement. 

For the community!

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